“Black Panther” Wants The Best Picture Oscar, No Matter The “Popular Film” Prize

Could it be the first superhero movie to get a best picture Oscar nomination?

Black Panther was dominating both the box office and cultural conversation during its third week in theaters, which is also when the Academy Awards were held. The Marvel movie loomed large at the Oscars as well, and cast members were greets with cheers on the red carpet. Host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the film twice during his opening monologue. Many in Hollywood already believed Black Panther could capitalize on the remarkable response to become the first superhero movie ever nominated for best picture at the Oscars, even though it wouldn’t be eligible for another year.

Disney hired veteran Oscar strategist Cynthia Swartz to orchestrate a campaign and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige backed the move with a significant awards season budget, something that Marvel has never done before, writes The Los Angeles Times. But then, the motion picture academy added a new Oscar for best popular film. It appears safe to say that it is designed to reward blockbusters like Black Panther — which was the highest grossing movie ever in the U.S.

This means that Black Panther could find itself nominated for two types of best picture Oscars, or none at all. But according to The Los Angeles Times, this isn’t changing Disney’s best picture plans for the film in any way. The Oscars campaign strategy remains focused on Black Panther’s creative accomplishments and the global impact it made.

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