Bill Gates: “You Don’t Need a Billion” to Be Happy, But it Helps

Turns out money can buy happiness after all.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates would like to see the government step in and regulate big tech. (Christian Marquardt/ Getty)

Billionaire tech giant Bill Gates admitted in his seventh Reddit “Ask Me Anything” on Monday that, while “you don’t need a billion” dollars to be happy, it certainly hasn’t hurt.

The revelation came after one user asked, “Do you think being a billionaire has made you a happier person than if you were just a middle class person?”

To which the Microsoft founder responded, “Yes. I don’t have to think about health costs or college costs. Being free from worry about financial things is a real blessing.

“Of course, you don’t need a billion to get to that point,” Gates added. “We do need to reduce the cost growth in these areas” — health care and education — “so they are accessible to everyone.”

Gates and his wife, Melinda, who are worth nearly $100 billion, have invested widely in both sectors, CNBC reported.

But Gates isn’t the only super wealthy person to concede that money has made life more enjoyable. In fact, as part of his research into 1,200 self-made millionaires, author Steve Siebold found that the rich readily admit to this fact.

“The rich see money as a positive tool that has the power to create freedom and opportunity for themselves and their families,” Siebold wrote in “How Rich People Think.” After all, “if you have a problem, and you can make it disappear by writing a check, you don’t have a problem.”

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