Bill and Ted Are Coming Back. So, Uh, What the Hell Has Bill Been Up To?

He’s no John Wick, but Alex Winter's recent work is excellent

May 9, 2018 9:00 am

A third Bill and Ted movie is on the way, and yes, we’re curious.

Tentatively entitled Bill and Ted Face the Music, the third installment of the comedy series unites the franchise’s creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon with Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot and, interestingly, executive producer Steven Soderbergh. The time-travel flick will follow the aging, not-so-excellent rockers as they seek to actually fulfill their musical destiny and save the world.

We all know what Keanu “Ted” Reeves has been up to since the duo’s last Bogus Journey together in 1991 (see The Matrix, John Wick, etc.).

But Bill? He didn’t disappear in a phone booth with Rufus through time. Alex Winter transitioned from acting into a role as a well-respected writer and director, a career pivot that was well underway in the early ‘90s (some of us olds still hold much love for his MTV sketch show The Idiot Box and his first feature,  Freaked, which featured Mr. T as a Bearded Lady).

Over the years, he’s helmed music videos (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Helmet), one well-reviewed thriller (1999’s Fever, starring Henry Thomas), assorted TV series (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ben 10, Blue Mountain State) and, through production company Trouper, a number of ads and documentaries.

It’s the latter endeavor where the once and future Bill S. Preston has truly earned his fictional alter ego’s “esquire” title: his non-fiction work includes the prescient and well-reviewed Deep Web (a 2015 look at Silk Road and Bitcoin), the history of file sharing (Downloaded), a political doc (Trump’s Lobby) and upcoming narratives on Frank Zappa and blockchain.

Bill’s legacy is secure. 

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