Bearded Men Look Angrier Than Their Clean-Shaven Friends

But a beard can also make you look happier.

Your beard might be throwing off your poker face.

According to The Daily Mail, a recent study by an Australian research team found that men with beards look angrier than their clean-shaved counterparts — at least when actually angry, that is.

Headed by Dr. Belinda Craig of the University of New England in Australia, the study found that people were able to detect a man’s anger more easily and quickly when he had a beard.

The survey asked 700 people to rate the emotions and intensity on a range of bearded and clean-shaven faces. The results suggested a beard made it easier for people to judge and reach conclusions based on facial expressions.

According to Craig, the secret is all in the jaw. “Beards emphasize the jaw… leading to faster recognition of anger,” she told The Times.

But anger isn’t the only emotion a beard can emphasize. Interestingly, the study also found that a beard made happy men look happier.

According to Craig, this effect was not as easily explained, The Daily Mail reported.

In the absence of a scientific explanation, The Times turned to David Dade, the honorary president of the British Beard club, who told the outlet that a bearded man may seem more “reliable” and “trustworthy” than his clean-shaven counterparts.

“This may be because a bearded man appears comfortable with himself,” he posited.

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