Audi’s Debate Ad Is More Entertaining Than the Actual Debate Will Be

Neutral TV spot will appeal to everyone but the lobster lobby

By The Editors
September 26, 2016 9:00 am

“Beautiful things are worth fighting for. Choose the next driver wisely.”

That line, which appears at the end of an Audi ad called “Duel” set to debut during Monday’s presidential debate, should appeal to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters alike. The spot, which plays out in reverse chronological order and contains 18 Easter eggs, features a male and female valet battling it out for the right to park an Audi RS 7 for a minute and a half. 

Created by Venables Bell & Partners, the ad is set to air during all three presidential debates, so don’t worry if you miss it the first time around because you’re too busy playing a drinking game.

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