This Astronaut Is Wearing a “Smart” Astroskin Jersey on the Space Station

The top is designed to monitor real-time changes astronaut physiology.

NASA Astronaut CSA space jersey
Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques tests out the Bio-Monitor experiment, which sends information about an astronaut's physiology down to Earth. (CSA/NASA)

David Saint-Jacques, a Canadian astronaut, is wearing the first-ever “smart” astroskin jersey on the International Space Station (ISS).

Saint-Jacques made his way to the ISS this past December as part of the Expedition 58 crew and will wear the new space fashion for the length of his six-month mission.

The Astroskin Bio-Monitor System was created by Quebec’s Carré Technologies, also known as Hexoskin, and developed the tech under a $1.79 million USD contract with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Five wireless sensors will monitor the astronaut’s blood pressure, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and breathing rate all in real time. The jersey is powered by two AA batteries which have to be replaced every 48 hours, reports.

Wearing the astroskin both while awake and asleep, researchers will receive the data almost instantly, helping to better understand the unique stressed being in space could put on the human body.

However, space isn’t the only place the jersey could be found useful. “It can also be worn by workers in dangerous environments such as mines, industrial sites or factories,” the officials noted.

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