This Is the Best Political Ad of the Year, So of Course It’s Fake

"Work forward, together. America! Jobs."

November 1, 2018 9:00 am

The nightmare of the midterms will (presumably) come to a close on Tuesday.

It’s difficult to call anything a bright spot when weighed against such all-encompassing hideousness, but here’s a little thing that might brighten your spirits for a minute, until you look at your phone/turn on a television/go outside.

Are you looking for a candidate with his sleeves rolled up exactly three-quarters of his arm? One who will “raise lower” taxes, vote on healthcare and “put jobs to work”? All while skipping rocks and gazing thoughtfully into the middle distance?

We’ve got your guy. He’s not actually running, but comedian Ashwin Ramdas has all the answers — all of them (and all the positions, too) — in this mock ad made with the help of, heh, Realistic Marketing, Inc.

And hey, if he were running for Senate in New Jersey, he probably would have gotten the endorsement from the state’s leading media outlets instead of Robert Menendez (actual title: “Choke it Down, and Vote for Menendez.”)

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