Are America’s Rehabs Fraught With Fraud? John Oliver Says Yes

“They can frame almost anything as treatment.”

John Oliver takes on the rehabilitation industry (HBO)
John Oliver takes on the rehabilitation industry (HBO)

John Oliver told viewers on Sunday night that America’s rehabilitation systems need an overhaul — and pointed to a lack of industry regulations and oversight as one of the core reasons.

“The barrier to open a rehab can be dangerously low,” Oliver said. “For example, in Idaho, as long as you are not operating a residential program for adolescents, you don’t need a license at all.”

“In Florida, if you want to open a sober home…there is nothing in state law to stop you.”

Methods of therapy utilized at these facilities are also questionable, Oliver said, pointing to equine therapy, or the interaction between patients and horses, as a chief example.

“There is no empirical evidence that as a treatment for addiction, it works.”

Take a look at the disturbing clip below.

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