Apple’s New iPhone Cases Might Have One Major Design Issue

The iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe looks great but hates pockets

Apple iPhone cases might have some issues with your pockets
Apple iPhone cases might have some issues with your pockets

You usually don’t associate “design problem” with “Apple,” but a new accessories release from the tech giant appears to have a major flaw.

As MacRumors reports, there’s a new line of iPhone 12 cases that feature MagSafe, an ecosystem of accessories that allow for easy attachment and faster wireless charging. This includes the iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe, where you can snap a wallet onto your smartphone utilizing the built-in magnets. So far, so good.

Getting strong marks for looks while noting that the wallet doesn’t actually hold much, MacRumors then calls it “kind of a mess” and points out one major concern:

When it comes to magnet strength, the magnet in the Leather Wallet is strong enough to adhere to the case and remain in place when shaking the ‌iPhone‌ vigorously, but we’re skeptical that it’s going to stay in place during routine daily use.

— MacRumors

Basically, once you introduce your pocket into the equation, the wallet isn’t likely to stay in place. “When tucking the ‌iPhone‌ with Leather Wallet into a pocket, care needs to be used,” as the review notes. “If you don’t align it right, there’s a chance the ‌iPhone‌ could go in the pocket while the Wallet slides right off, and the same goes for taking it out.”

The site suggests gripping the wallet and phone tightly upon pocket removal, but that’s a pretty heavy ask for what should be a no-brainer accessory.

DesignTaxi notes that some readers have caught on to this flaw, with one suggesting, “It’s useless as a wallet, it falls off as you put in pocket. Terrible design choice” and “Worse thing Apple came out with.”

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