Behold the Single-Seat Helicopter-Drone Hybrid

August 3, 2016 5:00 am
Airvinci Backpack Helicopter


Here at RealClearLife, we’re as much fans of private jets as we are unmanned drones. So when a vehicle comes along that mixes the two together, we jump at the opportunity to show it. Enter the single-seat Airvinci Backpack Helicopter, which is designed to be affordable (the goal is to give you the gift of flight for the price of a car) and easy to master, as well as pretty awesome looking. (As far as we can tell, you can’t fit it in your backpack.)

Airvinci Backpack Helicopter
The helicopter could also be converted into a drone (Airvinci)


Its manufacturer boasts that the helicopter is “easy to control, needs no runway, and will have the capacity to lift 260 pounds [and reach altitudes of] 12,000 feet.” Airvinci founder Tarek Ibrahim brought in aerospace engineers to work on a prototype, and now a test flight is set for some time later this year.

Watch a TEDx Talk by its founder about the helicopter concept below.

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