Adults Can Go To Space Camp… Here on Earth

United States Space Camp in Alabama was inspired by famed rocket engineer Van Braun.

space camp
Camper repairing satellite in cargo bay of space shuttle at the United States Space Camp in Alabama. | Location: United States Space Camp, Huntsville, Alabama, USA. (Photo by © Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)
Corbis via Getty Images

The phrase “Space Camp” may evoke the classic kiddie movie, but it turns out there’s an out-of-this-world, real world alternative for adults. The United States Space Camp, opened in 1982 near Huntsville Alabama, plays host to thousands of adult campers.

The camp was born from an idea from rocket engineer (and former Nazi scientist) Wernher Von Braun who advocated for an alternative to the music and sports camps offered to youth during summer months.

Space Camp is Alabama’s number one tourist attraction, because it gives earthlings a chance to be an astronaut. Campers can marvel at massive photos of camp alumni who walked the halls before them and actually made it to space- the “Terrific Ten.”

Adults, just like their kiddo counterparts, will have the chance to partake in simulated ISS missions, designing rocket components like a heat shield, experiencing G-Force blast offs, and simulated weightlessness.

A weekend visit to Space Camp will run you $300, while an all-inclusive weeklong stay costs $1000 bucks. Graduates are given a certificate, badges and a flight suit.

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