This $350,000 Watch Looks Like An Apple Watch, Only Does One Thing

The watch chimes to tell the time.

apple watch
This Swiss watch looks like an Apple Watch but costs $350,000. (H Moser & Cie)

If you have $350,000 to drop on an accessory, look no further than this H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alps watch that looks just like an Apple Watch.

Wired explains how it works: “The Concept Black uses a one-minute flying tourbillon, designed to counteract the effects of gravity on the watch’s movement, at 6 o’clock. In order to discern the time, the wearer must listen for the piece’s minute repeater function, an old complication employed before electricity and luminescence that through a series of chimes emanating from the watch itself told the owner the exact time to the minute. In short: you have to listen, very carefully, to hear the time.”

This new watch is a throwback to hundreds of years ago when folks wanted to know the time when it was nighttime or they didn’t have enough light to see the hands on their wristwatch. At a time before artificial illuminations (aka “glow-in-the-dark”), watches would respond with a chimes indicating the time of day.

The high price tag can be explained by admiring the back of the watch which showcases the intricate workings making it possible for the Apple Watch look-alike to chime when the button is pressed.

“This minute repeater has a rectangular-shaped movement. It’s special. To chime two small hammers strike a gong that runs around the outline of the rectangle casing. Despite the odd shape, the watch is capable of producing a chime,” TechCrunch reports.

The Swiss watchmaker has been using the Apple Watch design for their watch designs since 2016.

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