These 1930s Murder Mysteries Will Put You In the Holiday Spirit

Have yourself a scary little Christmas.

murder mysteries
These murder mysteries take place around Christmastime. (Getty)
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There’s nothing like bloody murder mysteries to get you in the holiday spirit, right? Thanks to some newly rediscovered and republished novels, murder mystery fans can rejoice during Christmas break and curl up next to the yule log with a 1930s crime novel.

In Britain, publishers are required to hand over a copy of every book, no matter how large or long the run, to the library where readers can pluck the tales from shelves bringing them to life once again.

The British Library Crime Classic series recently republished a 1937 novel by J. Jefferson Farjeon titled Mystery In White. Centered around a group of travelers making their way home on Christmas Eve when heavy snow blocks their train’s pathway. The strangers take refuge in a nearby cottage which appears to be abandoned even though a table has been set for dinner and a fire is roaring. The group decides to stay in the home and then the body count begins.

Another classic crime novel is Anne Meredith’s Portrait of a Murderer. Published in 1933, this book introduces us to a wealthy family snowed in at a country estate during Christmastime. When the patriarch of the family is found dead, his six children and extended family are left to unravel the mystery of their father’s gruesome death.

Many more murder mysteries are available to read if you visit your local library. Just don’t get stuck in a snowstorm on your way- it could be, well, murder.

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