This Jump Rope Is the Future

Old-school gear gets a digital-age upgrade

March 9, 2015 9:00 am

Consider the humble jump rope.

Does cardio. Does footwork. Helps you dance.

And yet: underappreciated. Under-utilized. Low tech. Which in SF sometimes means low interest.

Which is why your correspondent is excited for the Smart Rope.

From a South Korean design team, Smart Rope is like a Fitbit — but instead of just tracking your hard work, it helps you get that work done.

It projects your jump count in mid-air.

It spits back your calorie expenditure and makes workout recommendations based on past performance. (All assuming, of course, that today’s prototype is tomorrow’s high-functioning gear. We have faith.)

Smart Rope communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth — allowing for the analytics-rich deep dive into our fitness data that, once upon a time, got us oddly excited about our step count.

But that was 2014.

This is the future.

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