Swatch the Throne

By The Editors
June 20, 2014 9:00 am

Plywood gets a bad rap.

To the layman, it’s the stuff of shoddy IKEA bric-a-brac, hobo lean-tos and hurricane shutters. Not a high-end thing.

Unless you’re Telegenic California, makers of fetching arm and office chairs made from hi-tech (and beautiful) plywood.

Fresh from the show floor at last month’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC, Telegenic is now offering up a pair of fine, mid-century modern seats.

Stack-laminated, birch plywood construction. Crisp veneers. A raft of upholstery colors. Powder-coated aluminum on the swivelers.

Plus the added benefit that yours will be the first posterior they meet. As in: better than musty vintage.

If you like what you see, give them a call or swing by one of their store locations (Capitola and Santa Cruz) for a closer look.

And yeah, they do tables, too.

Photos by Rosey Lakos

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