And Now, a Marijuana Box-of-the-Month Club

Delivery to your door

By The Editors
January 22, 2015 9:00 am

Your correspondent knows more than one stouthearted man who, after taking two steps into a medical marijuana dispensary, promptly walked right back out.

That lighting. That vibe. Those damn blue-light posters.

The solution? Marvina, delivering weed in San Francisco now.

Marvina is the brainchild of 26-year-old CEO Dane Pieri, who reckoned — rightly! — that marijuana delivery was a good idea.

It works just like your local CSA.

But, instead of receiving a surfeit of eggplants, you get a monthly box of sativa (“an uplifting, energetic, ‘cerebral’ high that is best for daytime use”) or indica (“Can produce ‘couch lock’”) delivered straight to your door.

First step: establish your bona fides directly with the dispensaries.

Then: order your monthly box on Marvina.

The boxes may even come with snacks.

“We got some awesome Sea Salt Vanilla Caramels with 10mg of THC from Sweet Leaf Co., and we’re going to put these in our boxes as a bonus until we run out,” Pieri says.

As if a bonus were necessary.

But we appreciate the gesture.

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