Last Call

It’s December 21st. Do you know where your gifts are?

By The Editors
December 21, 2015 9:00 am

You did that thing again, didn’t you?

You swore you were gonna get your presents under the tree with time to spare this year, but then life and work and “Oh, c’mon, let’s have one more” got in the way, and now it’s December 21st, and unless your name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Amazon ain’t getting to your doorstep on time.

It’s OK. So did we.

Which is why we created the Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.

Think of it as a treasure map. For every person on your list, we found you one gift at one San Francisco brick and mortar we trust. All in and assuming good traffic, you your assistant is looking at about a two-hour commitment.

Waffle no more. Just make like a Nike and Do It.

For Your Boss: Go For Tool Anso Edition
Give the problem solver in your life a design-minded tool that’ll let him MacGyver his way out of any situation. This titanium device can turn screws, open bottles and be used as a box cutter with its machined flat edge. Small enough to carry in your pocket, too. 

Available at Triple Aught Design, 660 22nd StreetMAP

For Your Clients: American Whiskey Explorer Club
It’s the gift that keeps on giving: sign your client up for the American Whiskey Explorer Club and he’ll get one bottle every quarter — all rare finds, limited editions and the like. Past bottlings include Mosswood and Colorado Gold Rye. 

Available at Cask, 17 Third StreetMAP

For Your Neighbor: Unionmade Candle
Your correspondent loves this candle so much she actually did give it to a neighbor last year. Think of it as a way to colonize their space as your own. Smells like the best possible interpretation of a woodfire, BTW. 

Available at Unionmade, 493 Sanchez StreetMAP

For Your Lady: Le Labo Limette 37
Luxury perfumer Le Labo produces a mini-range of scents inspired by nine of its retail locations, from Tokyo to Moscow. You can’t buy one outside its home city, which means that S.F.’s — Limette 37 — is only available on Fillmore Street. Guaranteed: she’ll love the fresh citrus-and-bergamot fragrance, along with the promise that she’ll be the only one at the party wearing it.

Available at Le Labo, 2238 Fillmore StreetMAP

For the Kids: Wood Puzzle Play Set
Teach your kids that good taste starts at an early age with these wood animals. No buttons, no controllers — just some blocks and an old-school exhortation to use their imaginations. 

Available at Rare Device, 600 Divisadero StreetMAP

For Mom: The Apple-a-Month Club
Fact: Moms like to read. Fact no. 2: Sometimes they can get stuck in a rut. Give her new territory to explore with a subscription to Green Apple’s Apple-a-Month Club, with one newly released novel selected by store staff sent her way every month. 

Available at Green Apple Books, 506 Clement StreetMAP

For Dad: Finn Utility Essex Side Bag
If your dad’s the kind who doesn’t like to splash out on himself — and also likes nothing more than an afternoon with his kids and a river — give him this waxed-twill and canvas bag, made to baby his gear and last forever. 

Available at Lost Coast Outfitters, 550 Montgomery StreetMAP

For Your Relative: Areaware Key Ring
For people who’ve supplied you with a warm bed and a meal (ideally at their beach house/ski chalet) since you were a kid, hit them with this sleek update on the spare key ring. For, you know, the beach house/ski chalet.

Available at Mill Mercantile, 3751 24th Street | MAP

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