The 54 Defining Lists of 2014

A list of the best lists, listed.

By The Editors
December 19, 2014 9:00 am

As a kid, your correspondent’s favorite book was The Book of Lists.

Inside: semi-useful facts (“Maximum Recorded Lifespan of 58 Animals”), lessons in wordplay (“9 Disparaging Sobriquets”) and naughty historical trivia (“Famous People Who Died During Sexual Intercourse”).

With that spirit in mind, and as 2014 ends, let’s celebrate with a list.

A list of lists.

Herein: InsideHook’s First Annual Best List of Lists.

Chock full of the year’s best (and worst) of everything.

Alas, no disparaging sobriquets.

Maybe next year.

2014 in TV

The 20 Best Sketches

The Best Scenes

11 Things to Watch When You Get Sick of “Too Many Cooks”

The Best Episodes

The 6 Best Cord-Cutting Internet TV Devices

The 10 Best Shows

The Top 100 of Everything in TV

The 10 Worst Shows

TV Shows That Failed in 2014, By Month

The 29 Hottest TV Sex Scenes

Film in 2014

iMDB’s Highest Rated Movies

The Year’s Best Unproduced Screenplays

The Best Film Scenes

Best Films That Made Under $100,000

The 20 Worst Films

A Montage of Year’s Best Trailers

Web 2014 
The Web in 2014

The 50 Most Shared Facebook Posts

Most Viral Blogs

Google’s Year in Search

YouTube’s Top 10 Videos

The 50 Best GIFs

The 45 Most Popular Women on Instagram

Music in 2014

The Best Album Covers

The Fader’s 116 Best Tracks

“5 Songs I’m Too Embarrassed to Name Song of the Year”

NPR’s Favorite Songs

The 15 Best Music Videos

10 Best Albums You Won’t Find on Spotify

The Top 100 Vinyl Releases

HypeMachine’s Most Blogged Artists

Technology in 2014

The Year’s Best Tech

The 16 Hottest Startups That Launched in 2014

Apple’s Best iPhone/iPad Apps

The 17 Best Drone Videos

Top 10 Sporty Concept Cars

Literature in 2014

Longreads Best: Crime Reporting

Best Graphic Novels

The Year’s Best Books

The Best Book Covers

And the rest of 2014…

The Most Amazing Science Images

Physics Breakthroughs of the Year

The Year in Volcanic Activity

The 13 Biggest Brand Fails

America’s Best and Worst Airlines

The Worst Political Campaigns

The Year in Garbage

The Year’s Best Sneakers

The Best of TED Talks

The Year in Digg

The Year’s Worst Stocks

The Year in Celebrity Mugshots

29 Best Infographics

25 of the Most Interesting Photos of Earth From Space This Year

14 Reductive Ways to Define 2014

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