Man Handled

By The Editors
June 11, 2013 9:00 am

As anyone who’s used a ridiculous safe word can tell you (“Prancercise!”), sex appeal and safety don’t often go hand-in-hand.

Until now, with bikes: introducing Helios, a teched-out set of sleek handlebars with built-in safety lights, now available for pre-order.

Just Kickstarted, Helios handlebars sync with your iPhone to provide a slew of next-gen benefits, including an integrated headlight, rear-facing turn signals, a speedometer and turn-by-turn navigation indicators.

The developer calls them “smart handlebars,” which would make your bike as modest about its intelligence as the average San Franciscan.

The ‘bars even have a built-in LoJack, allowing you to track your bike’s location across the city.

They’ll even light up as you approach your parked ride.

Helios are set to ship in August, and they’re available in two styles (bullhorn and drop).

Neither will be much help with those hills though, man. Sorry.

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