SF’s Four Best Boot Camps

Because the holidays are better when you’re fit

By The Editors
October 21, 2015 9:00 am

The holidays are coming.

There will be pies. And by “pies” we mean “every food ever made.”

Some men say they’re too busy to work out during the holidays. Some men are lazy.

Start your day off right with any of these workout programs, and you’ll kick off 2016 with your first resolution already resolved.

Basic Training
If you came to S.F. for the outdoors, you want Basic Training. Show up at 6 or 7 a.m. at Crissy Field, and get ready for a full-body resistance workout along the trails, steps and sandy beaches of our city by the sea. There’s also a late-morning class in Hayes Valley for the work-at-home types. $330 for unlimited classes over a six-week session.

3rd Street Gym
If you came to S.F. to pursue entrepreneurial ventures that now leave you shaking with rage, we invite you to consider the renowned 3rd Street Gym, which will channel all that drama into punching inanimate objects (and occasionally animate ones). Each $500 four-week session is 6-7:30 a.m., in Dogpatch.

Bootcamp SF
If you came to S.F. and want a workout close to home: Bootcamp SF (“BCSF”) offers outdoor workouts all over town: Noe Valley, Embarcadero, South Beach, the Marina, Dolores Park and, notably, Golden Gate Park, where there are a whopping seven choices of kickoff times, from 6 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Four one-hour classes per week over a six-week session ($345).

LaLanne Fitness
If you came to S.F. last week and the whole time you read this post you’re like, “La la la la, I don’t care, I’m just looking for CrossFit,” we say: if you espouse the WOD philosophy, you’ll do no better than LaLanne Fitness, notable for the quality of its coaching staff. Free, required intro class for the newbies.

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