Top 12 Predictions for 2015

The trends that'll define men's lives in 2015

By The Editors
December 30, 2014 9:00 am

Attention, men of the world:

2015 is a few days away.

Like a Nostradamus for your inbox, we have a few prognostications about what that new year will bring.

So have a gander at 2015: The Year in Predictions, our look at the trends that will define what it’s like to be a man for the next 365. 


Yes, talking about the future which, now more than ever, just feels like it’s here.

Why? Because the culture is changing.

Marijuana laws are laxer, so weed startups are sprouting up.

Payment apps are thriving, so cash is starting to disappear.

Tablets and YouTube are popular, so TV time is starting to wane.

We’re all accustomed to thinking about the future in terms of gadgets, of hoverboards and jetpacks. 

But what the future means is a change in attitude, and how that change creates opportunities.

So have a look at our year in predictions.

We live in accelerating times, fellas. 

Strap yourself in.

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

Nota bene: Our predictions for 2014 are right over here. I’d say we got 11 out of 12. That thing about the double-breasted blazer was wayyy off.

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