The Club House Is NYC’s New Gents-Only “Med Spa”

Lunchtime penis enhancement, anyone?

February 2, 2018 9:00 am

Want to look younger and be better in bed?


Now delivering those coveted results: The Club House, a freshly opened med spa run by men and for men only. A “safe place” for gents to spruce up, the joint boasts a fireplace and wide-screen TV in the waiting room, pumps Springsteen through the speakers and even hosts a poker night.

So we caught up with owner and anti-aging magician Dr. Norman M. Rowe over a couple of in-house Old Fashioneds to talk rejuvenation, brotox and their most intriguing treatment — the penis enhancement.

Believe it or not, it’s non-invasive.

The Club House (3 images)

InsideHook: Why a place like this for men only?

Dr. Rowe: To put it simply, half of the world’s population are men, yet only 10% of plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. are done on men. Why the disparity? My male patients say it’s about the embarrassment of going to a coed office. The Club House offers a comfortable place where a man can be himself. And it’s more than just the trimmings of masculinity that make our place a success — it’s the idea that a man can feel comfortable there. There are things that a guy just won’t talk about in mixed company that they will in The Club House. Additionally, the practice of male cosmetic surgery is different than the practice of female cosmetic surgery. And here, a man doesn’t have to feel like a minority. I hope that one day the need of a place like The Club House won’t exist, because men and women will be able to comfortably be seen in a coed environment, but until that happens, The Club House really is a safe place.

IH: What is your most popular service? (We heard it might be penis enhancement.)

DR: Our most popular procedures are non-surgical, minimal downtime treatments. Our most successful non-surgical treatments are botox for wrinkles and sweating, laser fat reduction, injections to non-surgically tighten the neck skin (turkey-gobbler) and our ever-popular non-surgical penile augmentation. The penile augmentation takes approximately 30 minutes and is painless. The patient has to refrain from sex of any kind for seven days.

IH: Is that permanent?

DR: The penile augmentation lasts from 2-5 years, depending on what product the patient desires. Most request longer results.

IH: What are the “noticeable procedures” vs. the “non-noticeable” ones, for men who are concerned with looking like “they’ve had work done”?

DR: Most of the procedures I do will result in a patient’s friends saying, “Wow, you look great, well rested!” Not “Wow, did Steve have a facelift?”

IH: What advice would you offer for someone who is hesitant the to visit?

DR: If not now, when? If not The Club House, where else?

IH: What should fellas know before they go?

DR: Know what you want to accomplish and leave the rest to me.

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