Shapehouse Is the Urban Sweat Lodge You Need in Your Life

It’s like your own personal sauna. Plus Netflix.

January 25, 2018 9:00 am

Telling people they can lose weight without working out is one of the oldest rackets in America.

Diet pills. Ab belts. That fat-jiggling machine that put Peggy Olson on the map at Sterling-Cooper.

But here’s a new one we can actually get behind: the urban sweat lodge.

New to NYC, Shapehouse Flatiron (which follows their first locale on the Upper East Side) wraps you up like a burrito to boost circulation, endorphins and promote weight loss.

All while catching up on the latest Black Mirror.

shapehouse (3 images)

How it works: Upon arrival, you’ll change into a set of not-so-flattering, lightweight pants, shirt and socks. Guests are then led into dark private rooms wherein an attendant wraps them up in a heated cocoon. Think of it like an infrared sauna for one. Situated in front of your favorite show or flick, you’ll settle in for a passive, hour-long sweat session.

How it feels: Relaxing, warm and cozy. That is, until about 30-45 minutes in. Right when you think that this whole dang thing might not be working, wait just a moment. The experience flips fairly quickly from chill to “I can feel my heartbeat in my eyeballs.” Just breathe. It’s worth it, trust. Right when you think you need to cry for the attendant and be freed, you’re finished — minus a few pints of water weight. They’ll then lead you to a serene relaxation room for water, tea and orange slices for rejuvenation.

End of the day, sweating to this degree promotes detoxification and is known to give a fella brighter skin, a better night’s sleep and alleviate muscle soreness.

Truth be told, not a bad way to erase a long night out’s repercussions either.

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