Know How

By The Editors
July 26, 2013 9:00 am

What you’re about to receive is a Rolodex filled with two million of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people.

These are the guys (and gals) you won’t find on LinkedIn, or tweeting at 2 a.m., responding to your @ replies.

Like say, Jerry Jones. Or Ronald Perelman. These are, in every freighted sense of the term, the world’s 1%.

They’re on RelSci, the networking supersite designed to help you become a networking prodigy, newly out of beta.

RelSci’s not a social network; it’s more a LexisNexis for people. And it does two very powerful things.

First, you can “power search” to find the shortest path of introduction to, per esempio, Carlos Slim. Or Jay Z (Ed. note: listed under his given name, Shawn Corey Carter – holla atcha boy!).

You can slice and dice that search by interests, education, non-profit contributions: whatever your little biz-dev heart desires. RelSci then cross-references your target against your personal contacts to reveal business connections and your shortest possible “path” to connect.

Once you see your path, you can study up on your proposed connection – including encyclopedic histories of work, deals, education and donations, plus personal interests, awards and more. Basically dossiers on anyone you’d want to know, aggregated from public record by RelSci’s crack team of 700 actual, trained, real-live researchers. No NSA required.

Looks like you just became a good guy to know.

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