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By The Editors
January 16, 2013 9:00 am

Sometimes an upstate getaway is so full of simple delights, it deserves to be named after a children’s Jell-O popsicle.

This is that upstate getaway.

Introducing The Pudding Pad, a sleekly Scandinavian lakeside cottage in Putnam Valley, just an hour north of the city, now accepting bookings for weekend getaways.

Pudding Pad

Owned by Basquali, the charming proprietor of equally charming Fort Greene cafe, Smooch, the Pudding Pad has a pedigree your lady friend will swoon over. Cue Basquali:

The house was built in 1969 and was occupied by a couple who lived here for 10 years until they moved out and rented it to a young jewelry designer starting out named David Yurman. The workshop where he made his jewelry is located in the woods down by the lake.

Any woman worth her Neiman Marcus will know Yurman. You should too — he also designed this Mustang. And this limited-edition racing watch. 

But back to the Pad: it has sleekly minimal decor, two comfy bedrooms, a lake with a wharf and canoe, and it’s hiking distance from Fahnestock State Park and driving distance from antiques mecca Cold Spring.

Pudding Pad

In the evening, you can relax to Basquali’s impressive R&B and world music vinyl collection, including an eight-album Fela Kuti box set; a double-album of A Tribe Called Quest featuring all original tracks they’ve sampled; and “a really great Barry White album.”

Or hit the ping pong table before retiring to the screening room for a projection from the massive DVD library.

Maybe steer clear of “Cabin in the Woods.”

 ed note: A previous version of this piece contained a link to Pudding Pad’s visitors guide – that link has since been removed per a request from the owner. To get a look, you gotta book.


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