Here’s How to Make the Most of the Last Month of Summer

Nine bucket list items for livin’ it up

August 5, 2016 9:00 am

You can break all the clocks you want — time stops for no man.

And so let us approach the last month of summer with heads held high. There’s still time to get that tan on, time to tone up and time to charm your leading lady under the stars.

To assist, we’ve pulled together nine essential happenings to hit before you’re tethered indoors for good, including a classic car show in the mountains, kicking your own ass into shape with pro surfers and a new glamping oasis right here in the heart of the city.

The Annual Stowe Car Show
Stowe, Vermont
There are a bajillion reasons we would advise heading over to Stowe. For one, a Tradewinds plane will have you there in no time and they have been known to have a Heady Topper on board from time to time. Additionally, ski resorts are some of the most ultimate adventure destinations in the summer, on which note this locale delivers in full. But in our humble opinion, the Stowe annual car show takes the cake. In its 59th year, over 800 antique and classic cars will be on display with the thrilling edition of race cars new just this year. (Aug.12, 13 & 14)

The XPT Training Experience with Laird Hamilton
Montauk, New York
More than training, this my dear friend, will be an experience. But also, you’re gonna feel the good hurt in the morning for certain. Hosted by Surf Lodge, Laird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie and Gabby Reece are bringing their renowned program to the east coast for the very first time. Good for those looking to advance their skills in breathing, moving (in the pool, the gym and outdoors) and recovery technique. Also, it’s definitely going to be crazy fun. An intimate workshop means spaces are mighty limited, so hop to it. (Aug. 7 – 9)

Summer Streets
In short, Summer Streets … they’re just fantastic. If you’ve yet to partake in one, it’s your year. From 7 A.M. to 1 P.M. and spanning from Central Park down to Brooklyn Bridge, the street is blocked from auto traffic and runners, cyclists, skaters of all variety and more rule the roost. There’s a zip line, a freakin’ waterslide and plenty of workout classes, vendors and rest stops along the way. Kid and pet friendly. (Aug. 6, 13 & 20)

Zombie Survival Camp
Whiting, New Jersey
Adult summer camps are having a moment. And there’s a reason for that. They’re completely joyous. Not a stitch has changed since we were kids. All the archery, kayaking and Capture the Flag shenanigans are still righteously fun. This one is, eh, different. Prep for a real life Walking Dead scenario by learning how to create shelter, use a crossbow, shoot a gun and, well, die. A real no brainer. Hardy har. (Aug. 20)

The Road to Shindig with Billy Reid
A celebration of art, music and style in cahoots with Blackberry Farm Brewery. Head to the West Village and toast their new brew exclusively made for the event with Billy himself. (Aug. 11)

Picnic in the Park Made Easy
Central Park, Summerstage, outdoors movies — they’re begging for a picnic. And because in Manhattan, for all of its inconveniences, there are many a restaurants that want to make the art of picnic very convenient for you. Some of our favorite joints offering to-go packages: 1 Hotel Central Park, Lowes Regency NY, Lotte Palace, Perfect Picnic and Park South Hotel.

The Full Moon Fest
Governor’s Island, New York
The music festival for people who don’t like music festivals. The Full Moon Fest delivers all the best parts about outdoor concerts — the lineup, the atmosphere, the view, the location — and cuts out all of the rest. It’s a boutique approach to fests, large enough to garner good acts, but not so big that you’re going to be swarmed with these people. (Aug. 20 – 21)

Battle of the Burger
Twenty of the city’s best go head-to-head. Save your appetite and help ‘em decide who deserves the crown. Burgers, booze, Budweiser and live music. Summer in a nutshell. (Aug. 18)

W Hotel Glamping
There’s a camping oasis right here in the concrete jungle. W Hotels has partnered with design team Laurel & Wolf to compose the Extreme Wow Suite & Terrace. It’s a 12-foot outdoor yurt nestled amidst lanterns, rattan hanging chairs and a fire pit. Enjoy all the hotel perks, but imagine you’re “roughing” it while sipping Veuve Clicquot.


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