Gym Dandy

By The Editors
February 15, 2013 9:00 am

The home gym is a taunt.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s there. When you schlep home, wrinkled and weary, it’s there. There are no excuses. And that’s the genius: the home gym is bullshit proof. 

Also: no grunters. No lines for the treadmill. No other people’s back sweat.

Once you’ve realized these immutable benefits, you need only call one man.

Meet Jim Ryno — celeb trainer (he counts Herschel Walker as a client), Muscle and Fitness writer and designer of very, very handsome workout rooms — now accepting clients.

Give Ryno a call, and he’ll consult to determine the basics: how much space you have, how you work out and which style will jibe with the rest of your digs.

From there, Ryno’s architects create detailed sketches – everything from where to put the mirrors, to where to stack the custom leather-gripped dumbbells (which he’ll have etched with your initials or logo).

Once design’s approved, Ryno oversees the build, which can include luxe touches like lacquered hardwood floorboards, custom stereos, and hand-stitched medicine balls and heavy bags crafted from baseball glove leather.

And when your workout Mecca’s complete, Ryno develops custom routines and recommends top-notch trainers.

As you might expect, Ryno’s gyms don’t come cheap.

But they do come to you.

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