Resistance Isn’t Futile

By The Editors
August 14, 2012 9:00 am

When it comes to gym workouts, waddling to and fro with dumbbells and plates can be achingly dull — but what if you could get ripped simply by lugging around the most recalcitrant dead weight of all, i.e., yourself?

Use your pounds to lose some pounds at just-opened Exceed Fitness, where your body is the only machine you need.

Dubbed “Functional Fitness,” Exceed’s regimen uses TRX, a Navy SEAL-developed system of straps that require you to literally pull your weight, from balanced one-legged squats to push-up sets with your feet suspended above the ground.

Led by elite trainers with credits like “completed 28 Ironmans” and “sparring partner of Sugar Ray Leonard,” Exceed’s nine varied workouts also incorporate kettlebells, cardio boxing, tossing BOSU balls over elevated bars, pushing weighted sleds, and that ol’ gym class favorite, the rope climb.

Classes are limited to 18 people to ensure individual attention, and private training is also available.

Exceed offers two locations: one on the UES for in-city workouts, and one in East Hampton, so you can train at the beach.

That’s what they call a piéce de résistance.

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