Olympics Bingo

By The Editors
February 7, 2014 9:00 am

Letter from the Editor

Ten years ago, I worked in Russia.

I ran from stray dogs. I slept in dilapidated hotels. I was mugged in a karaoke bar by a gangster named Max who threatened to kill me for $1,300, but settled for $10 and my phone number so that “We can play video games together, yes?”

It is a strange and beautiful and, to the Western eye, garishly unusual place.

Thus, it happens to be the perfect backdrop for the Olympics — themselves a Benny Hill song of ham-handed politics, fiduciary malfeasance, X-Gamery and whatever the hell Skeleton is.

So in celebration, we created the Official Bingo Card of the XXII Winter Games. Download it. Play it. Share it around.

In the meantime, enjoy the stories of dual toilets and “revelations” of secret bathroom cameras.

Just realize that not everything you see is real. Except for America’s skiing prowess. And snowboarding dominance. And figure skating skills. Those are all very much in evidence.

Don’t forget, also, the importance of this moment for LGBT rights. There has never been a more timely and appropriate occasion to celebrate and defend our diversity.

Oh, and look out for that Norwegian curling team.

Dudes have some epic pants.

Go easy,

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

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