Man’s Guide to Christmas Eve

Where to go and what to do in LA.

By The Editors
December 24, 2014 9:00 am

Even if you’re not reveling in capitalistic excess tomorrow, you likely will have the day off. And so will everybody else. So, today, on Christmas Eve, get your affairs in order. Have a drink. Relax. Like this:

1. Finish your last-minute liquor shopping.

You can stop by the store, or have Saucey deliver it. They’ll even add a card. If you still have non-alcoholic gifts to buy, try our Last-Minute Shopping Guide.

2. Stop by your local and tip your bartender

Or hit The Roger Room for a last-minute Japanese Maple. By the by, here’s our holiday tipping guide for Angelenos.

3. Stop by the druggist and pick up your medicine.

We heartily recommend The Farmacy’s pre-rolleds.

4. Get your hors d’oeuvres.

We recommend Froma.

5. Go home. Turn on stereo.

May we recommend InsideHook’s Merry Chrismix, featuring Otis Redding, The Kinks, James Brown and Dean Martin, among other cheery crooners.

6. Begin drinking in earnest.

We suggest this Bourbon Milk Punch from Julian Cox of Redbird:

2 oz. Marcona almond-infused milk* (or Silk Almond Milk with cinnamon)
1.5 oz. bourbon
.75 oz. Amaro Ciociaro
.5 oz. simple syrup

Shake with ice, strain into chilled coupe glass, shave bitter chocolate over the top.

*Almond milk: 800g Straus milk, 100g Faretti biscotti liqueur, paste from one vanilla bean and 2 grams grated cinnamon. Blend.

7. Relax with a nice, long read.

Our friends at Longreads just debuted their annual best stories of the year, including “I Smoked Pot With David Brooks,” “Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant” and TV reporter Miles O’Brien on what it’s like to lose an arm.

8. Or, hell with it, Netflix.

A reel’s worth of classic flicks are leaving Netflix at the end of the month, including Kramer vs. Kramer, The Breakfast Club, Braveheart, Gladiator and Big Trouble in Little China.

Nota bene: Thirsty and need to get out? Jewish and don’t give a damn about Christmas? The Pikey will be open late, and Pistola is serving all evening.


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