Whoa. These Photos of LA. Just Whoa.

Stunning B&W aerial shots, via Mike Kelley

By The Editors
June 24, 2015 9:00 am

The golden hour.

That coveted 60 minutes when the sun renders everything gloriously photogenic.

Even traffic.

Of course, that moment is even more photogenic when you’re hovering 150 feet above said traffic.

That’s what real estate photographer Mike Kelley did for his recent project, LA Airspace, a collection of black and whites shot over the course of 30-some-odd helicopter trips.

He’s compiling these images into a 120-page coffee-table book and a run of 18” x 36” prints, which you can help fund via Kickstarter (he’s 13 days and a few grand shy of the goalline).

Mike was also kind enough to share with us an exclusive selection of photos from the project.

Once you’re done looking, kick him a couple of bucks.

It’s a good look for our city.

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