‘Hiking With Kevin’ Is Comedians Without Cars, Getting Exercise

Kevin Nealon's new web series is pure, unbridled internet joy

December 4, 2017 9:00 am

Most folks think Angelenos spend the bulk of their free time surfing, stuck in traffic or smoking bongs on a couch. But the truth is most of us spend our free time hiking — especially folks in the biz, many of whom use walks in the woods to discuss work and life.

Kevin Nealon is one of those folks, and recently  launched a new  YouTube series in which he wanders what appears to be the Mandeville Canyon and Temescal areas of the Santa Monica Mountains while interviewing comedians and actors. On his walk with Conan O’Brien, they pass the entrance to Murphy Ranch, the hidden property that was once a secret bunker for a group of Nazi spies.

Much like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Hiking With Kevin is equal measures humor and industry gossip, like the time Halle Berry had a near panic attack in an audition for Judd Apatow.

It’s also a reminder that despite its smoggy, strip mall-lined reputation, L.A. has some gorgeous open spaces. Next time you visit, be sure to consult our site about where to find a decent trail.

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