Dinner Plan Guidebook

By The Editors
June 12, 2014 9:00 am

From the driving, to the parking, to the not knowing where to drive or park, dinner in L.A. is harder than it should be. That’s why we created Dinner Plan — your weekly, three-step itinerary to a damn good evening.

And now we’ve collected those plans into this, our fourth Dinner Plan Guidebook.

Inside: plans for dining with your lady, chowing down with your pals or running the ol’ couples date in every neighborhood from Pasadena to Hermosa Beach.

Heading to Little Tokyo? We know an excellent nose-to-tail steakhouse.

Need an activity date? Head to Silverlake and play some padel before noshing enchiladas washed down with ice-cold margaritas.

Downtown bound? We know a place with flaming cocktails that’ll make you warm and fuzzy all over.

Enjoy the guidebook, friends. We certainly enjoyed researching it.

Dine well,

Nota bene: More? You want more? Check out (and print) the first, second and third editions of the Dinner Plan Guidebook.


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