Chess Is More

February 7, 2013 9:00 am

There are men who are strong, but ain’t too smart.

There are men who are smart, but just a bit pantywaisted.

And then there are chessboxers, and they call checkmate even after their dome’s been rooked.

So for the smartest asskicking around, head down to Mindshare LA’s “Brain Meets Brawn” battle this Sunday.

Chessboxing is pretty much what it sounds like: two brawny eggheads mindslapping each other in chess, then fist-facing each other in the ring.

The rotations last six rounds, and there are six fighters and three fights.

“It’s the rationality of chess combined with the instinct of boxing,” says Andrew McGregor, founder of the LA branch, which is accepting new fighters.  

McGregor, a journalist by trade, started LA’s Chessboxing club two years ago, and the group does charity events like this one (in conjunction with Tuxedo Tyrants) to raise money for The Tiziano Project, which fosters citizen journalism in war-torn locals.

You can grab your tickets right here

Put your rooks up.

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