The LA Book of Sandwich, Vol. 3: Westside

Eggplant parm. Italian meats. Pastrami. Let’s eat.

August 1, 2016 9:00 am

The sandwich is the working class hero of American cuisine.

Ham and cheese. Tuna salad. Po’ Boy. They’re the stuff of a man on a well-deserved one-hour break.

Which is the spirit behind The LA Book of Sandwich, Vol. 3, a compilation of all the finest sandwiches one L.A. neighborhood has to offer.

Today, we’re noshing L.A.’s most iconic sandwich, a sumptuous bánh mì and the only vegetarian sub that can truly be described as a Gut Bomb.

Gjusta: The Eggplant Parm

Crispy patties of fresh eggplant smothered in rich marinara and creamy burrata served open face on house-baked Italian bread: it’s the only veggie sandwich that’ll put you in a food coma.  

320 Sunset Ave (map)

Venice Bánh Mì: Cluck Mì

Great pun work; great bun work. Cluck Mì is what the chicken said to the egg. Jokes aside, the turmeric chicken is juicy and spiced just right, with the usual accoutrements.  

307 Lincoln Blvd (map)

Del Rey Deli Co.: Pastrami Reuben

Del Rey Deli is one of those hidden strip-center gems that hide in plain sight on our busy streets. They cure their pastrami in house, and when they use it on a Reuben as good as any you’d find in the Big Apple.

8501 Pershing Dr (map)

Bondi Harvest: Pastrami Smoked Salmon

Yes, we’re recommending another pastrami-style sandwich. But the one by newcomer Bondi Harvest is made with smoked salmon, fermented veggies and a yogurt tartare. This one won’t slow you down once you get back to the office.

1814 Berkeley St (map)

Bay Cities Italian Deli: The Godmother

The Godmother is a Top Five L.A. sandwich, hands down. Everything Italian grocer Bay Cities does with this cured meat delight is perfect, from the flaky baguette to the cool shredded iceberg and spicy peppers. And you don’t have to journey to SaMo to get it, because UBER Eats now delivers them.

1517 Lincoln Blvd (map)


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