Inside Barneys’ New In-Store Cannabis Shop in Beverly Hills

The High End might be the most luxurious dispensary in LA

The High End Weed Shop

It’s often easy to identify the moments when counterculture goes mainstream.

And when one of the world’s most esteemed men’s stores decides that it wants to be your new weed dealer, it’s safe to say that little green plant has crossed all the way over.

In collaboration with Beboe and several other cannabis brands, Barneys has opened The High End, a one-stop shop for all your cannabis and cannabis-related accoutrements. “It’s probably the only place you can bring your mother to buy drugs, and she’ll walk away truly being proud of, and impressed by, you,” says Scott Campbell, co-founder of Beboe.

Beboe Founder Scott Campbell (AZIONE)

Available at the Beverly Hills flagship location and Barneys online, The High End is curated with a swath of products related to Mary Jane, from accessories to lifestyle to, of course, consumable options. According to Campbell, Beboe’s THC collection includes “vape pens, both Inspired blend (sativa) and Downtime blend (indica), Pastilles, chocolates that we made in collaboration with Defonce, and pre-rolled joints that we made with Sherbinski.”

The High End is not your average dispensary. It’s “designed for high-functioning adults who just want their day or night to be a little warmer and sparklier, without getting so high that they lose sense of themselves,” says Campbell. In other words, it’s for “anyone who wants the best possible cannabis experience. Whether just curious or a connoisseur.”

Beyond Beboe, The High End will offer custom-blown glass pipes, vintage ashtrays, sterling silver grinders and even CBD-infused beauty products.

The High End
Products on display at The High End (AZIONE)

But for Campbell, having marijuana inside the walls of one of the world’s most storied department stores isn’t just about mainstream acceptance — it’s about recognizing where we are as a culture, and how far along we’ve come as a society.

“I grew up in the South, where possession of even small amounts of weed was a felony offense. I remember getting pulled over as a teenager and having to eat all the roaches out of the ashtray before the cop got to my window so that I wouldn’t go to jail,”he says.

“To see it come from that all the way to Barneys, where it sits atop marble pedestals, is amazing.”

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