These Images Are the Soul of January in L.A.

Welcome to 21 Grams 2017

By The Editors
January 31, 2017 9:00 am

January is normally a meh month.

No holidays. No family in town. All your friends are either on the wagon or on a diet. It’s the quiet before the storm.

Not so in 2017. January was the storm.

And from rain falling to suns setting to women marching, you were there to document it.

This is 21 ‘Grams, our compendium of the month that was, in 21 pictures.

A video posted by kevinmohawk (@kevinmohawk) on

Because look at that big river rolling along.

Because sunset drives on Mulholland in a vintage 911 is la dolce vida.

Let me put my arms around you just wanna use up a little of your time

A photo posted by Danielle (@dani__doll) on

Because we had our First Date With Dani, and she’s a dame.

A photo posted by Nicole Cogan (@nobread) on

Because nothing says welcome home like a Griffith Park hike.

Because sometimes the best things don’t have to change to stay the best.

Because watching surfers from the Manhattan Beach Pier is free live sports.

Take your time.

A photo posted by Ricky Lesser (@rickylesser) on

Because there were moments when the sun broke through the clouds.

Because photoLA was jam packed with some of our city’s finest photographers.

A video posted by Curate LA ( on

Because we spent hours hypnotized by the Doug Aitken exhibit at MOCA.

A video posted by indoek (@indoek) on

Because hats off to Indoek for raising money to help keep our oceans clean.

A photo posted by LA Art Show (@laartshow) on

Because Narcissister is just too provocative for words.

A photo posted by Devin (@outlinedcloth) on

Because the upshot to chilly weather is a vintage corduroy blazer.

Because January is all about citrus, and that makes for damn good cocktails.

Friday Feelingz as demonstrated by my girl crush infinity @mirandamakaroff

A video posted by Shelly Glascock (@thepistolclub) on

Because she’s got more grooves than a well-worn record.

All ‘shuka up about @kismetlosangeles and these here dalicious things!

A photo posted by Diana (@dianatakesabite) on

Because we’re all ‘shuka up for Kismet is some fine pun work.

Because if it’s raining down here, it’s snowing up there.

When the sky clears & the city shines

A photo posted by aubree (@aubreeplodinec) on

Because some of our buildings are art.

Because when it’s cold outside, it’s nice to eat some Korean BBQ inside.

Because Night on Broadway is officially a thing you should do.

LA shows up for what’s right #inaguration2017 #protest viva democracy

A video posted by @elizabethdaniels01 on

Because protesting might be the only thing that’ll bring Angelenos out in the rain.

Because watching the news does leave one with the feeling that we’re going backwards.

A photo posted by LAKERS WORLD16 (@lakersworld16) on

Because the Lakers have some budding talent this year.

A photo posted by LA Movement (@la_movement) on

Because, despite the madness, we have the numbers.

A photo posted by Laura Austin (@laura_austin) on

Because, despite the madness, our good vibes will make a difference.

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