First Date With ... Dani Dolinger

On tattoos, Southern accents and grabbing butts in public

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First Date With: Dani Dolinger
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12 January 2017

L.A. model Dani Dolinger has a look that’s one part Bettie Page, one part Emma Stone and when she talks, we listen.

She’s been modeling for about two years, prior to which she did admin for a clothing company in Downtown L.A.

“My day mostly consisted of looking for parking,” she says.

We got on the horn with her last week to ask her how long it takes to lose a Southern accent, what she thinks of suits on first dates, and when and where PDA is socially permissible.

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Name: Dani Dolinger
Instagram: @dani_doll
Hometown: Haymarket, Virginia

And now you live in …
Los Angeles, of course.

Still got your Southern accent?
When I first moved here, everyone asked where I was from and why I talked so funny. Now since I've been here for over 10 years I've sadly lost my Southern twang. It comes out every now and then. Apparently when I say ranch.

What’s your next modeling gig?
My next job I'm working on a hotel bar campaign with the incredible and incredibly sexy Brooke Olimpieri, aka Filthy Mouth Creative. After that I’m shooting a lookbook for the super rad Prism Boutique. It's always different things, which is what I enjoy about modeling.

How many tattoos do you have? Any regrettable ones?
I have six tattoos, all of which I regret except one: a horseshoe that I got for my dad.

Sexiest place a man can have a tattoo?
Upper arms.

A man shows up rocking a suit on your first date. You’re like ...
Why are you wearing a suit?

What was your favorite first date?
It was in S.F. We went to Olive Garden of all places and then to a bookstore and ended with getting a drink at some random bar. It was the person I was with who made it so great.

What was your worst first date?
I'm lucky enough to say I can't remember a worst first date.

Would you rather be picked up or meet at the location?
Meet at the location so you're not relying on one another to leave if the date starts sucking.

What's the best place for a date in Los Angeles?
I'm not really picky. I think Lil Dom’s is cute; it's intimate and has old-school vibes. Smog Cutter is a hole-in-the-wall bar that's dark with a lot character, which I like.

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Okay, rapid fire ...

Kiss on the first date? Totally.
Sleepover? Situational.
Oscars or Golden Globes? Does it matter?
Dating apps? Not for me. There's still places to meet people IRL.
Shirtless photos? No! Get it together guys.
Uber or Lyft? I have both on my phone.
Favorite activity for a date? Is drinking considered an activity? Kidding, going to a show or museum is always fun.
Any band you’re dying to see this year? CG Roxanne and the Nightmares.
Call or text to initiate contact? Either works.  
Bald men? I personally have never dated a bald guy. Not because I'm opposed to it — just haven't met the right baldy.
Scruff or clean-shaven? Scruff.
Beer, cocktails or straight-up booze? Depends on the night ... tequila soda or shot-and-a-beer.
When do you know you have a catch? No awkward silences, snuggles me, buys me books and plays with my butt and boobs in public.
So ... PDA? I mean to a certain degree. I like when my guy subtly grabs my butt or wraps his arms around my waist. When I like someone, I wanna be touchy feely.

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