How to Drink on the Job

Slow Ride: Drink Beer. Do Work. Win.

March 18, 2015 9:00 am

You know what’s good after an honest day’s work?


You know what’s good while you’re working?

Also beer.

Make the latter happen with the Slow Ride Sessions, a workshop series where you learn how to do things (fix a bike, screenprint some art, etc.) while drinking, you guessed it, beer.

Kicks off tomorrow with bike maintenance know-how at Heritage Bicycles.

The beer: the Slow Ride Session IPA from New Belgium Brewing.

Also known for: Fat Tire and the bizarre and always entertaining Tour de Fat.

And the local fixer: Good Beer Hunting, which you’re already familiar with if you, like your correspondent, appreciate good beer.

Says GBH head honcho Michael Kiser: “You’re looking for that deep hop aroma on the nose. Big punch of flavor. Fresh. Vibrant. Lighter in the body. Low ABV. An all-day companion and you’ll still have your wits about you.”

So, the Slow Ride Sessions are all about slowing down and enjoying a session IPA, all while pow-wowing on some practical life skills.

Like building your own six-pack carrier.

Tickets are rolling out fast. See the full list here.

Come ready to work.

Come ready to drink.

Nota bene: This all leads up to a sudsy blowout bash at Kaiser Tiger, where you get to hang with all the makers … over a beer. Details are still in the works. Keep up to date here.

Photo Credit: Nathan Michael


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