Fields So Good

April 3, 2014 9:00 am

Anybody who worships in the Church of the Foodie can throw around the term “farm-to-table,” and it doesn’t mean anything.

But sometimes, it actually means the food on your table is from a farm.

And you can totally dine there. On that farm.

Introducing Slagel Farm Tour Dinners, the monthly dinner series relaunching May 3rd with Chef Paul Virant (Vie, Perennial Virant), selling tickets now

Slagel, you may be aware, is the city’s most vetted meat supplier.

Their gatherings feature rotating Chi toques from the likes of The Publican and Carriage House (view the full lineup here).

Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with lemonade and light appetizers. Because that’s how they welcome guests in farmland. Then it’s off to a butchering demo where they’ll demonstrate how they carve up the animals.

You can purchase fresh cuts right on site.

The afternoon ends with dinner inside a refurbished barn. While Virant’s four-course spread is still in the works, if the menu he dished out last year is any indication, it ain’t gonna suck.

Slagel offers transportation to and from the city and the dinners are all BYO.

These tours will sell out quickly, so best pick while the pickins are good.


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