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Like a Defense Robot for Your Home

Scout: A smart, handsome solution for home security

  • 11 November 2014

Because very few of us can afford to outwit burglars by employing Macaulay Culkin (even at this point in his career), there’s this:

Chicago’s Scout, the super-intelligent, mobile-first safeguard system for your pad, now available for order.

You remember the Nest Thermostat? This is basically the security version.

Designed and crafted by a couple of hometown upstarts, Scout is a series of security devices that can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone.

A central base station connects everything via wi-fi (and a 3G cellular backup), and from there, you choose from a whole suite of safety measures: Door panels. Window access and motion sensors. HD video cameras.

From our testing, setting up the hardware is a breeze.

Our favorite feature: the ability to customize the responses to incursions. E.g., sending a custom text or sounding a siren.

Scout also allows you to purchase 24/7 professional monitoring service for extra security.

So, you know, you get liberty along with your security.

Well deserved, sir.

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