The Watch Daniel Burnham Would’ve Built
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The Watch Daniel Burnham Would’ve Built

An elegant watch from Chicago’s Oak & Oscar

  • 18 May 2015

Stop us if you’ve heard this one:

“Make no little plans …”

Burnham. Our paterfamilias. The mustachioed visionary who built this city out of brawn, bullheadedness and steel.

The man spoke in truths. And they work well for just about everything, including this:

The Burnham, a devilishly handsome timepiece from Chicago’s newest watch company, Oak & Oscar, available for preorder now.

A few weeks back we told you about a carefree watch for carefree times.

The Burnham lives on the opposite side of that spectrum — a serious piece of wristwear with considerable substance.

This thing is a beaut: carefully considered matte grey dial. Perfectly dimensioned case sits comfortably on the wrist. Orange second hand for pop. Gorgeous Horween leather strap.

It’s assembled in Ohio by the horology experts at Lum-Tec and powered by a 25-jewel mechanical Swiss movement you can admire through the open-back sapphire case.

You’ll wanna hop on the pre-order ASAP. Oak & Oscar are only making 300 of ‘em.

Because the chance these things sell out?

Better plan on it.

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The Specifics

Oak & Oscar

Available for preorder

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