Introducing the Mystery League

Adventurous, live mystery games from Mystery League

December 15, 2014 9:00 am

Someone’s been bribing Chicago’s aldermen.

We gotta find the money drops. Because inside those bags are the clues that’ll lead us to who’s pocketing what and from whom.

You up for it? Good.

Because it’s just one of the many interactive, real-life puzzle hunts put on by Mystery League, a just-launched Chicago concern now available for hire.

Helmed by puzzle master extraordinaire Sandor Weisz, whose brainteasers have appeared on NPR’s Sunday Puzzle, Mystery League hosts adventures in which you and some cohorts solve puzzles that feed into one grand Aha! moment at the end.

Perfect for office team-building. Birthday parties. Really, any parties.

Because they can be can held anywhere: your office, parks and museums, libraries or the zoo.

The logistics: You can either choose from any existing puzzle hunt challenge, or have Weisz and his creative team of puzzlemakers make you a custom one.

All in you’re looking at up to four hours of mental gymnastics.

Expect stuff like cryptic messages hidden in paintings at the Art Institute or vital clues concealed in the rocks on the front of the Tribune Tower.  

So, give ‘em a call and schedule your hunt.

Someone’s gotta put an end to the corruption in this city.

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