We Just Found the Getaway of 12-Year-Old You’s Dreams

Because it’s your God-given right to sleep in a treehouse

By The Editors
October 21, 2016 9:00 am

Would you drive six hours to sleep in a treehouse?

Actually, that’s a terrible question.

Better one: Why wouldn’t you?

Moonlight Treehouse is an as-of-yet undiscovered retreat in the sky just now taking reservations.

It’s the newest addition at The Mohicans, a gorgeous getaway tucked in the woods of north central Ohio comprised of rustic cabins and treehouses where you’d do well to kick back, unwind and escape the rigmarole of city life.

While we used the word “rustic,” upscale is also accurate. We’ll also add sustainable. Constructed with reclaimed barn siding and topped with a standing seam metal roof, the treehouse has everything you need to get away in comfort: two queen-size beds, a farmhouse kitchen, a dining room and full bath.

Best part? The treehouse is accessed via a 25-foot-long bridge. And since you’re smack dab in the middle of the Mohican Valley, you’ve got seclusion for days.

But don’t think there isn’t much to do.

At the heart of this region lies Mohican State Park, which offers 1,110 acres of hiking trails, waterfalls and hidden caves. The trails range in length and difficulty; the most popular is Hemlock Gorge, a two-mile hike that takes you through the park’s two waterfalls, white pines and the Clear Fork Gorge along the river, clocking in at 1,000 feet wide and more than 300 feet deep.

That’s just enough to keep ya busy for an extended stay.

Time for you to branch out.


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