3 Things Only Real Men Can Do

January 14, 2015 9:00 am

Some men can do things other men can’t.

Surf legend Laird Hamilton, for example, is a freak of nature. Just ask Joakim Noah: “[Laird Hamilton] is a freak of nature.” See?

Anyway, Hamilton trains Noah. And now he’ll train you, so to speak, with Force of Nature.

Force of Nature is a brand new obstacle race designed by Hamilton. It’s a gauntlet of 10 miles and 20+ grueling obstacles. All inspired by Mother Nature. All body- and soul-crushing.

Among the most intense:

  • Gravel Pit: walking over 30 feet of jagged rock, barefoot
  • The Furnace: fitness challenges in a dome that heats up to 130 degrees
  • Polar Plunge: diving for medallions in a frozen abyss of ice water

Those are three things that only real men can do.

The competition hits Chicago in July, which gives you just enough time to train and prepare.

But enough talk, eh? Time for action.

Nota bene: Just wanna jump in a lake like a mad man for charity? There’s always the annual Polar Plunge, which this year lands on March 1st.

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