The Castle-Cabin of Your Dreams Is Finally Open for Bookings

Spiral-stair tower. Wood-stove fireplace. Jaws on floor.

By Kunal
September 25, 2017 9:00 am

Two and a half years we’ve waited for this:

The newest getaway from Candlewood Cabins is finally accepting reservations.

It’s called the Woodland House. It’s open year-round. And it’s the towering sylvan castle you’ve dreamt about all summer.

It’s the fifth and most impressive property from the Wisconsin company — which is saying something considering their other offerings include a cabin we once called a “glassy masterpiece of a retreat.”

But the stunning spiral-stair tower of the Woodland House is like something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; if you bring the lady along and keep the destination a surprise, she’ll surely think she fell asleep in the car.

Woodland House (3 images)

Outside you’ll find a multi-level deck, fire pit and charcoal grill. And unlike the barebones amenities of similar properties, the inside features a queen bed, walk-in rain shower, wireless internet, Hearthstone Lima woodstove and even central air and heat.

Surely that means a hefty price tag? Nope.

Only $195 a night, and just a four-hour drive from Chicago. But that accessibility partnered with Candlewood Cabins’ feverish fan base means you better book posthaste.

If the calendar says it’s all booked up, don’t fret. The rate at which people snag any reservation means there are frequent cancellations. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for last-minute openings, as well as new date blocks.


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