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Bottom Line: A new mindful escape in the CBOT

By The Editors
April 14, 2015 9:00 am

The Chicago Board of Trade is the world’s oldest futures market.

Traders. Speculations. The utter white-collar chaos of open outcry.

Makes a man wanna pause and take a damn breath.

Which you can now do just a few floors up, at Bottom Line Yoga: a newly opened mindfulness studio tucked away on the seventh floor of the CBOT.

This is where a busy suit can practice his best Warrior Pose and meditate. Get a Thai floor massage. Take a nap. (Seriously — you can nap here.)

Bottom Line’s … uh … bottom line: bring the principles of yoga to the workplace, whether it’s here or at your actual office.

Because they also offer on-site corporate workshops that give you and your workmates pointers on stress reduction, mindful eating and self-reflection.

Being already worse for the wear, we asked founder Lauren Goggins for a few tips you can practice at your desk right now:

  • “Standing up five minutes every hour does wonders for focus and attention. Set timers. Hands down, this’ll make a huge difference in your day.”

  • “I recommend apps like Headspace or Whil to help with guided meditation. You can just pop in your headphones and zen out.”

  • And for a simple at-your-desk stretch: “Place one ankle on top of knee like you’re crossing your legs, then slowly stretch forward. Breath into it. This opens the hips, lower back and prevents back pain.”

Check out Bottom Line’s corporate packages here. Or, you can hit up their open house this Friday.

File under return on investment.

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