Bach It Up

By The Editors
May 9, 2014 9:00 am

A couple months back, we showed you a few Frank Lloyd Wright rentals available within a five-hour drive of Chicago.

Those were nice and all, but how about something closer? Like say, Rogers Park?

Because the Emil Bach House, Wright’s classic prairie-style home nestled on Sheridan, is now open for your overnight pleasure.

Why you care: for one, it’s the only rentable FLW home in the city. And the restoration of this 1915 gem was led by Harboe Architects, the same group that whipped the Robie House and Unity Temple back into shape.

In short: they did a bang-up job — which you’ll see on our photo tour of the property.

Inside: Wright’s compact three-bedroom home maxed out with modern furniture. Touches of redwood and cypress. A fireplace with Wright’s signature inglenook. And a beautiful teahouse out back.

Oh, the home is also available for tours and corporate and private events.

Best get Wright on that.

Main Photo: Harboe Architects
House Photos: Eli Noto


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