DC Comics Revises Superman’s Motto, Dropping “The American Way”

It's now "Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow"

Superman logo
General view of the entrance of the attraction 'Superman Attraction of Steel' at Parque Warner Madrid on July 30, 2021 in San Martin de la Vega, Spain.
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This weekend brought with it DC Fandome, which allowed the company in question to make a host of announcements about its forthcoming projects. This included plenty of high-profile movies and television shows — including Dwayne Johnson and Pierce Brosnan talking about their work in the forthcoming film Black Adam and John Cena spending quality time with a bald eagle in the upcoming series Peacemaker. There were even a few news items that didn’t pertain to wrestlers-turned-actors — and a couple that had to do with the world of superhero comics.

As Consequence’s Ben Kaye reported, among those pieces of news was one having to do with Superman. DC’s DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, Jim Lee, announced that Superman’s motto going forward would no longer be “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

“To better reflect the storylines that we are telling across DC and to honor Superman’s incredible legacy of over 80 years of building a better world, Superman’s motto is evolving,” Lee said. The new one? “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.”

And while the updated section seems to nod to one of Superman’s nicknames — “The Man of Tomorrow” — there was also something about it that delighted many fans of Hong Kong action films.

This feels like an understandable decision on DC’s part, for the reasons Lee cited. And while exploring Superman’s connection to the country has led to some interesting stories in the past — including one exploration of a world in which Superman grew up in the Soviet Union — he’s never quite read as an overtly patriotic hero to the extent of, say, Marvel’s Captain America. Will there end up being frustration from some quarters over this? Given DC’s last big Superman announcement, there almost certainly will be. Even so, DC’s decision here feels like the right one.

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