This AI-Created Beer Commercial Is the Stuff of Nightmares

The melty face inferno will make your mind hurt

ai beer commercial with everything on fire
This party looks completely out of control
@privateislandtv via Instagram

Artificial intelligence is everywhere right now. You can’t live your life for one hour without hearing about it, and the technology is being used by everyone from airlines to clothing brands. If you’ve toyed around with AI design (or even exist on planet Earth at all), you’ve likely seen some pretty weird stuff, like alienesque hands and mouths crowded with more than two rows of teeth. Now, many of these nightmarish AI-generated human features can horrify you in one 30-second clip.

London-based production company Private Island posted an AI-generated beer commercial titled Synthetic Summer, and it has us running for the hills. Have a look for yourself:

Wow, that’s a doozy, isn’t it? Imagine yourself surrounded by 100 of your closest friends who are gripping beverages in monstrous 10-fingered hands that are dangling off of too-long, double-jointed arms. Their faces are melted and droopy, and their mouths are crowded with enough teeth to bite through those beer bottles — which would be helpful because most of the bottles and cans don’t have openings anyway. They simply float around the oddly smooth faces while the mouths mimic a drinking motion.

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Absolutely everything is on fire. People are dancing in it, tables are ablaze and a sideways fire tornado doesn’t seem to alarm anyone at the party. It also appears that a beer spaceship is floating in the middle of the summer soiree, where aliens are hopefully waiting and willing to beam us all up from this robot nightmare that won’t go away. Somehow a distorted take on Smash Mouth’s “All Star” is the least unnerving thing about the whole video.

“Humans generally are very good at multitasking,” Chris Boyle, co-founder of Private Island told Today. “When we perceive the world around us, we extract a load of information whether you’re playing football or eating out with friends…My instinct is that whilst, on first impression, this film looks fine, subconsciously, you flag the extra fingers and oddness that enhances the weirdness.”

This was as scary at first glance as it was at a tenth glance, IMO, but I do take comfort in the fact that AI isn’t perfect and creates absolutely weird-as-shit stuff like this. The real scary part comes when the design is so perfect that the human eye can’t tell that it isn’t real.


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